• Carolyn

There's a space only you can fill

There are a lot of us mom’s out there, who have small businesses, where we can work from home. Be it baking, crafting, party planning, etc. Something where we can take care of the home and family, and still have a little something for ourselves.

If I had to sit down and really think about this, the thought that comes to my mind is there are already a million people doing what I do i.e. Blogging, and let’s be honest, they are way better than me at it. It is easy to leave me with the feeling like I have nothing to contribute because some mommy blogger has already given you the very same information and a similar story to the one I would like to share.

But the more I think about it, I feel that in reality, every one of us truly has something unique to contribute. For me as a blogger, I have influence over others who may not have been reached by someone else. I have a voice that can speak to a person at the right time, when they might need to hear what I have to say, the most.

Whatever it is you do, the fact remains…no one else is doing it quite like you. There’s a space only you can fill.

This post has been inspired by this lovely image I came across while browsing Pinterest. It is now here for me and all of you to come back to anytime you feel lost in a sea of people doing the same thing you are. Remember, every drop makes the ocean


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