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Salted caramel filled Easter eggs

Salted caramel filled Easter eggs

This was a messy affair, I have to admit. But I can't complain because I got to lick delicious salted caramel off my fingers every few minutes!! .

Recipe for salted caramel

50 gm brown sugar

30 ml honey

30 gm butter

200 ml condensed milk

Melt the brown sugar, honey and butter until it forms a light caramel. Add the condensed milk to this and allow it to boil on low heat. Once it comes to a boil, stir it around for around 5 min, until it comes away from the edges of the pan. Voila!

Store in a jar once cool and enjoyyy

For the chocolate eggs, melt down some chocolate on a double boiler ( I used 250 gm and got 6 eggs )

Coat egg molds with this melted chocolate and freeze for 5 minutes. Then pop em out and fill with the caramel and close the halves up

This is a messy and fun activity to do with the kids, especially now!!


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