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Planning a vacation

It’s vacation time. And that means it is time to plan a holiday!

Around our house, this can get a bit crazy since we never know when exactly we will travel since we are always awaiting confirmed dates about the daddy’s return. Butttttt he’s back now!! So, the planning commenced.

I asked the kids, where do you guys want to go on holiday this year? (expecting the answer to be Goa, phew!) I was a little surprised when pat came the answer… Spain (from Nathan) and London (from Katie) huh?? So I asked why those places?? I should have guessed about Katie wanting to go to London, duh “it’s where Peppa pig lives mama!” Ohhhh I see (rolls eyes) But why Spain? “Because I want to go to the Real Madrid stadium mom!” (It was his turn to roll his eyes now)

Looks like TV is doing a lot more than just screw up their vocabulary.

So, I said, “don’t get your hopes up, we probably won’t be going to either one of those places. That needs a fair bit of planning and we don’t have that kind of time now.” Oops…. did I just see sulks?

5 min later, they trot back into the room and say, “Okay mama, we know that London & Spain are too far away, lets just go to Disneyland!”

WTF?! Whatever happened to wanting to go to good old Goa??? Maybe it’s just the goan in me, but I think that a holiday with the sun, sand, sea, seafood & sausages is the best kind! Salt in the air, sand in my hair…. what could be better?! I gave them the usual answer of “we shall see”. And that was that.

That night, while I was thinking about what they said, a quote I read somewhere came to mind. ‘Blessed are the curious, for they shall have adventures’ Oh! how I want them to fill their lives with adventures, I want them to have beautiful memories and stories to tell for a lifetime!

Whether it is building sandcastles on the beach and getting a massive tan that doesn’t go away for months, or whether it is a little fancier like boarding a flight to some exotic international destination… it doesn’t matter where we go, we must just go together, as a family.

A family vacation means that the family goes away for some rest and fun, accompanied by a mother who sees that they get it!

No, but seriously, family vacations, while a little hectic, are also the best thing you can do. Because what’s better than being with the people we love, the places we’ve seen and the memories we’ve made along the way.

So, whether it turns out to be Spain, London, Disneyland or just good old Goa, we will go and have an adventure.

Stay tuned to know who won this round of selections!!! And, say a prayer that Goa wins!!…cheap, cheerful & chilled out, I’m sure you will agree

Have a wonderful vacation everyone!


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