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My prayer for Christmas

Christmas is a time of year we look forward to the most! Decorating the tree, planning what gifts to buy Grandma and the cousins, sending Santa an email! It is an absolute joyous time for the kids, and for us as well. But let’s be honest, Christmas can be a hard time of the year as well. While the world is putting up twinkling lights, I find that I am bracing myself for some hard stuff. We have exams going on, we have annual days and sports days and weddings and I am loaded with work work and more work right up until Christmas!! I feel guilty, because I am unable to find enough time to read Christmas stories to the kids, or to make Christmas ornaments with them, or even bake cookies.

But, you know what, I am not perfect and I know it. So, these are my prayers to help me get through Christmas.

1. Please give me the ability to love those around me, including my family and friends, who always need something last minute, including my kids who will need help with something at the most inopportune time, including all those people who have made me feel inadequate by filling my Facebook timeline with images and videos of their Christmas décor and Christmas baking! But most of all for myself, let me love myself with all my flaws, and in that moment let that love radiate to all those around me.

2. Please give me the ability to be thankful for all the good things around me. For family and friends who love me no matter what, for being able to put presents under the tree, for Christmas parties, for Santa Clause but most importantly for Jesus, for He was born on Christmas day and has given us this beautiful time of year to celebrate his birth. We should be thankful for everything His love and sacrifice has done for each one of us.

3. Make me a person of change and love, and make me mindful of the moments, and not just the big stuff. We get so caught up in the main event of Christmas, that sometimes we forget about the small things that happen in the days leading up to it! May I always have an open heart and be aware of the miracles which are being worked on my behalf.

At the end of it all, we are just trying to scrape through a month filled with expectations and constantly being told “it’s the most wonderful time of the year”. It just might be! We only have to allow the magic to happen.

Merry Christmas!


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