• Carolyn

Mother's Day

I don’t want to romanticise motherhood. My kids never know who’s going to come their way, whether it will be the fire breathing dragon woman or the beautiful angel fairy who brings with her kindness and love.

Motherhood comes with no rule book, well even if there was one, we mommies wouldn’t have the time to read the instructions. Always busy as we are, juggling everything around us to make sure the kids are well taken care of and loved.

But, who needs instructions anyway? I’ve never been good at following instructions, as my own mother I’m sure will agree and so will my brother and my close friends. This has sort of flowed into my parenting style as well, but I always say, whatever works for you as a mom is the best way to go. There is no wrong or right way to be the best mom you can possibly be! You have to ignore and just BE. I mean, who cares about what people have to say when there is so much more important stuff to do like give hugs and kisses, advice and opinions, feed those hungry mouths multiple times a day between lunch and dinner, help to build Lego houses and castles, planes and avengers, teach them to play scrabble and Pictionary and cards, make a mad dash for the promenade to catch the sunset, and at the end of the day sit by their bedside and kissing them good night and making sure the sheet covers them properly. Of course, in-between all this are the yells and screams, ultimatums and punishment by the dozen. (Motherhood makes all mommies bi-polar, for sure)

The important thing is, to encourage them to be their own person, to attempt life the way we never had the courage or permission to do, to think for themselves and make easy decisions on their own, (and then pray like mad that they make the right choices), to teach them that it is okay to say “NO” (of course, this will come back to bite you in the butt)

At the end of the day, if they are able to be the best little adults they can possibly be, pat yourself on the back mama, you have done more than enough. For that is all that has ever mattered - kindness and goodness, these are the traits which will change the world, so let’s inculcate this into our children.

Mommies, we are doing more than enough.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you. Rock today and every single day in your own signature style.


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