• Carolyn

MOM spelt upside down is WOW

No matter how much we try, mom’s will never be considered “cool” in the eyes of their children. I’d like to break that norm, and I think its important to do so, simply because in today’s world, we got to be friends to our kids before mothering them. It’s the need of the hour.

Here are a few ways in which I try to earn those brownie points with the kids. Let’s be honest, no one is screaming MY MOMMY IS DA BOMB, but I aint getting the rolling eye look either.

1. I allow them to make their own breakfasts on a Saturday morning. Most often, this consists of Nutella sandwiches (yes, I know). But it does give me a chance to have my coffee in relative peace. The kids have a happy start to the day and mommy is the best for allowing Nutella sandwiches for brekkie.

2. I allow them to make forts with my bedsheets and cushions. (if you read my post on cushions, you will know how difficult this is for me sometimes I let them have a picnic lunch inside their fort. Party snacks for lunch, followed by some juice. My mommy is the bestest!

3. I give them chores to do, in the form of a game. Now, they both are extremely competitive and each one wants to win (obviously). So, we have a competition to see who can pick up their mess the fastest and the winner gets a prize! They always seem to forget that their prize is a kiss from mom, and they both get one irrespective of who won. But it works (sometimes) and we have fun while we clean up.

4. I always ask for their opinion when I have to buy a party gift for a friend’s birthday they have been invited to. Honestly, their opinion doesn’t matter ( shhhhhh don’t tell them that), and I usually get exactly what I had planned to, but involving them in decision making makes them feel important.

5. We dance in the car. When our favourite song comes on the radio or plays on the ipod, we dance! We sing out loud! It’s become our thing. And mommy is so cool because she knows all the lyrics and the names of the artists and she drops stories about the concerts she went to before they were born. WOWWWWW! My mommy so cool!

6. A mom who plays sport is considered cool in any kid’s eyes. When they see me take my basketball or badminton racquet and lace up my running shoes, I used to get asked, “are you going to play with other moms?” YES! I am! Moms play sport too! We’re cool like that.

 It really doesn’t take much to please them kids. Be yourself! Don’t stop doing the things you always did before you had kids. When mommy is happy and content in her life, it rubs off on everyone . They will be proud of you, no matter what.

All that will be left to do is, to shine your “World’s coolest Mommy” trophy.


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