• Carolyn

Leap of faith

I got married really young. Never had a chance to work a proper job in an office, although the only reason I would have wanted to do that is to fulfill my fantasy of getting some office swag on, you know, the trousers and shirts, high heels and trendy handbag. But, that didn't happen. Kids happened instead and in the 6 years that followed, I had the most important job in the world, that of being mommy.

Ever since I was really young, every time I watched commercials on TV, the person at the end of the commercial saying the tag line always made me think wow! how cool is that. And after a while, when I realized that the models in the ad were not saying their own lines (no they don't) but someone else was dubbing and syncing it to their lip movements, I was hooked. It was always at the back of my mind somewhere, but life happened, and I went on to do other things.

When my children were a little older, I started to question my purpose. I was not cut out to just be a mother. I always felt like there was something else for me, something that would fulfil me creatively. A few years went past with me thinking about it sporadically, but not taking any action to do anything, mainly because I was afraid.

One fine day, while scrolling through Facebook (see! It does have its advantages!) I saw than an old friend had posted about a voice over workshop. That was all I needed to see and within 5 minutes I made a call and secured myself a seat.

A voice over artist, what is that?? Wikipedia says that Voice over is a production technique where a voice-that is not part of the narrative-is used in radio, television production, film making, theatre, or other presentations.

Two months later, I successfully completed the workshop, and I could officially call myself a voice over artist! Hell, I even started filling out forms, putting the title Voice over artist in the occupation field, such a nice change from putting housewife!!!!!

At first, it was a struggle, like most new things are. But gradually it got better and now, it’s great. I really do love my job. I go to work in slippers and my oldest pair of jeans. I love the idea of being the voice that runs with the film, unseen and mysterious.

Freelance work for a woman who, has to also manage her home and her children, is the best kind of work! I don't work every day, so it gives me an opportunity to be mommy as well. I feel so much happier now that I have a life of my own, I feel fulfilled in a way I cannot even explain. I have learnt so much stuff that I never knew existed, I have learnt that a pop filter is my best friend. Speaking of friends, I have made countless during my journey the past 2 years, some so special that their friendship will last a lifetime. My life has been enriched both professionally and personally, and all because I decided to not be afraid, and took a leap of faith. It paid off, in a BIG way. For that I will be eternally grateful.

So, the next time you are watching TV, and Parineeti Chopra tries to sell you some ice-cream, or when you are told how wonderful Maggie noodles are, how delicious and biscuty Kitkat is and how your mornings are incomplete without a cup of Nescafe, think of me. Think of how I had the courage to take that step to change my life. I hope it inspires you to do the same. Chase your dreams!! You will be happier for doing so.


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