• Carolyn

Lady Boss

Women might often think, how them working or going back to work, will affect their children. It’s long hours away from them.

But, on the other hand, has any man – husband or father been asked this same question? Nobody wonders how the career of a father will affect his children and family, it’s just for us mama’s!

Mommy guilt is rarely what WE think of our parenting skills, but typically OTHER people who judge us on the way we choose to mother our children.

Don’t you want your kids to think that it is normal for a woman to build a business, or hold an important position in a multinational organisation? Don’t you want your daughter to know that it is normal for a woman to have a wonderful career and have your son see that as well?

Because, yes, it is true that woman can succeed at the work place and STILL read stories to her kids at bedtime and take weekend walks with them in the park. She can be a kick ass BOSS as well as a kick as MOTHER.

That is the super power of a woman. 


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