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It's upto me

There was a time, a while ago, when I had received a call from a friend who I had not seen or spoken to in ages. We did the usual swapping of stories, what had we been up to, what had the kids been doing of late etc.

I remember almost spilling my coffee when she told me she had been on Ted talk with her boss who was being featured. I was like woaaah! That’s amazingly cool! While I was happy for her (Okay, maybe not entirely 100% happy) It made me realise just how boring my life was in comparison!!

Grocery shopping, chauffeuring the kids from one class to another, cooking meals, could any of that be considered cool? “Oh, but being a mom is the most important job in the world!” Ha! Yea right, as if that made me feel better.

At times, it feels like all I must do is turn my head sideways, and the person I see there has a life which is far more interesting than mine!

So, I sulked for a few days, constantly thinking about how being ‘just a mom’ wasn’t really the cat’s whiskers. True, I already have my day job of being a voice over artist, which does keep me busy on most days, and it is quite exciting, being in a recording studio, behind the mic, dealing with agencies and production houses and clients and of course, seeing the finished film and hearing my voice on television. It is cool. BUT I needed more! I wanted more! Deep down I felt like I had so much more to offer.

That’s why, this blog. It has given me the opportunity to have thoughts other than what I should be packing for school lunch tomorrow and when the next dance rehearsal has been scheduled for. I’ve started to have thoughts of my own, interesting thoughts, about a lot of different stuff, ideas for blog posts, photographs that need to be taken, learning how to manage my website and a whole lot of stuff I would never have dreamed I’d even know about a few months ago!!

By me going out there and doing something I feel passionately about, whether as a voice over artist or as a blogger, I have indirectly given myself the opportunity to be a better mom, to be able to give my children the best of me. A happy mommy is the best kind of mommy. And mommy is happy when she can live a full life, one of her own, a few hours away from the kids and family and parenting responsibilities.

So, I say to you, to the one who maybe feels the same way I did, the choice is yours. It is up to YOU to make your life interesting. If there’s something you feel passionately about, if there’s something you think you would be good at, give yourself a chance. Paint that picture you have always wanted to, take that dance class to prove to yourself you don’t really have 2 left feet, take up photography if you like. As for me, I have taken a chance with this blog. I don’t know where it’s going at the moment, everything is very new. But I’m here and I’m doing this, chin down, bum up.

Wish me luck!



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