• Carolyn

Has it been done before? So what!

Here’s something we all do. We look at other people’s lives on Instagram or Facebook. We think, WOW, she has done amazing for herself! And we let her success talk us out of chasing anything for ourselves. We might stop ourselves from starting a home baking business, getting our asses to the gym, perhaps even starting a non-profit organisation, and why? Because someone else has already done it, and done it successfully. If we had to do the same, and fail, what a terrible embarrassment that would be, isn’t it?

We need an excuse, to not push ourselves and this fear of someone having done it so well already and also the fear of “what people will think” is very much present in our minds when we decide to let go of the dream.

Rather than have this attitude, why not choose to look at it in a positive way? Someone has been baking fabulous cakes – this just proves that it is creatively fulfilling for them, so why not for you too? A friend has started a work from home job as a copywriter and doesn’t that seem really interesting and cool and for you, perhaps a great way to pass the hours when the kids are at school?

We should see other people’s creativity or success as a good thing and something that pushes you to pursue more for yourself, to add value to your life. Don’t decide that it is a competition before you even get started. Don’t assume that you won’t be as good as so-and-so. We should all empower each other, lift one another instead of competing

All beginners suck, but there is zero expectation from someone just starting out, so you have a tremendous potential to get better and improve!

You will go ahead and do what you want to do, and you will do it in your own unique way. Because there is none like you.


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