• Carolyn

God has perfect timing

I just had a birthday last month. I turned 35!

Now, I am one of those people who loves my birthday! I wear each passing year with pride, and I don’t typically care what age I am, one way or another. However, the general consensus of women to turning older is not a good one. I don’t understand this. So, it prompted me to figure out why that was the case. The answer I got was this, that the reason they weren’t happy about turning a year older is because they weren’t where they thought they would be by this age and so each year served as a reminder for what they had not achieved. In some cases, it was a career or a financial goal, in others it was marriage and having children. It almost felt like they were breaking a promise they had made to themselves many years ago.

But you know what, I am a firm believer that “God has perfect timing”

I got married at 22. Too young you might say, but it was the perfect time for me. I had 2 children before I was 30. I started a career from scratch at 32. Had I done anything differently, my life would have been different. And I wouldn’t want to trade what I have for anything. So yeah, perfect timing.

I could list a hundred instances when I thought I should have had a particular thing and didn’t get it, only to discover in retrospect that it was never mine to begin with! The timing was not right. And it’s the same for the future as well. We all set goals for ourselves, whether it is family oriented or work related. We all have an idea of the direction in which we want our lives to be headed. But along with that goal, give yourself some grace. Being married by 25 or having kids by 30 or being a millionaire by 40. Numbers are just arbitrary. By not being where you thought you should be at your age, you might end up exactly where you’re supposed to be going.

So, to all of you who will be celebrating a birthday this year, remember that age only matters if you are cheese, wine or scotch!  Your age is just merely the number of years this world has been enjoying you.


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