• Carolyn

Find your new normal, it is very liberating

Well, that's me...in a local train today, on my way to a recording. I am a voice over artist. Now, this mode of travel is not 'normal' for me!! But what can be termed as 'normal' for a working mother? Having a clean house? Homework all done by 8 pm? Kids in bed by 9.30? Healthy dinners and breakfasts? Before we had kids, I think that most of us imagined that life would be this way. That we as 'would be on top of everything and get the stuff done the way it was supposed to be done. But i also think that, as time passed on and our brood grew, we perhaps realised that there is no such 'normal'

I didn't work when I first I got married. A good 8 years was spent home with the kids. My 'normal' was going to get groceries, taking the kids to the park and chauffeuring them from one class to another, reading them books and doing activities together which I hoped would help them to be better all round little people. So, how preposterous of me to think that I could actually get back to work, after a gap of 8 years! That i could leave my kids at home, with a helper, and go do my thing. Of course I had reservations and insecurities, but I jumped into it full throttle and I am so much better off for it today. My kids know that their mum goes to work some days and I think they respect me and my time more because of it.

Our new 'normal' has changed quite a bit. Normal now is being late to pick them up from a class (thank you Mumbai traffic) or Maggie noodles for dinner ( I never hear complaints)

What i am trying to say is, we should not seek perfection, instead we should seek happiness and fulfillment, first for ourselves and then watch as it spreads to every member of our family and the ones close to us.

Remember, it all starts with YOU!

I encourage you to find your new normal. It is very liberating


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