• Carolyn

Embrace your CHAOS

Are you trying to chase something down for yourself? If you have answered yes, then you better get acquainted with having to embrace your chaos!

However much we seek to invite calm into our lives, on most days, we seem to end up with chaos around us!

You may wake up with a particular plan for the day, and a few hours later, you can see that plan crumble right before your eyes. I've witnessed this kind of chaos on many days!! There doesn't seem to enough hours in the day to do it all, and this is true whether you are a stay at home mom or a working one.

Chaos comes in various forms. I find myself in the kitchen at 11 pm, prepping for the “south Indian snack” which had to be sent to school the next morning at 7 am…I forgot about it all day. My work? I am on top of it though, maybe it sounds awful to say that I never forget jobs I have and I am always early. Perhaps it seems wrong to seem so responsible about doing a quality job, when you allow your son a Nutella sandwich for breakfast just because you forgot to buy the only brand of cereal he likes to eat, and that is your peace offering.

But, you got to embrace it. Embrace this chaos. The chaos of motherhood is a part of the magic.

And why? Because you WANT to run after what you want. You are ambitious, deep down, and you don't need to be ashamed of that. You need to own your ambition. If it wasn't for my own ambition and determination to create content for my channel, you wouldn't be sitting there watching this video, and right now we are basically half way through this video which means that if you’re still watching, chances are that you are getting something out of it. Through my ambition I am inspiring you, helping you, in my own little way. And similarly, you will do the same for others too!

The chaos which will inevitably follow as a result of your ambition will be a good chaos. Why? Because of the feeling of fulfillment within you, because of the glow from within at seeing your ambition take shape and grow.

It could be setting fitness goals for yourself, that's certainly ambitious, if you're just starting out for the first time. Or it could be building your own little business or brand. It could be the ambition of wanting to bake one sweet treat a week! Start slow, watch it grow. Find your contentment amidst the chaos and enjoy the journey.


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