• Carolyn

Don't give up !

I am a voice over artist by profession. I work out of a different studio every time, depending on where the booking has been made by the client. At one stage in my life, it got difficult to manage this schedule, and to find a #balance between being mommy and working. Hence, I took a break

On my time off, I started a blog, where I spoke about the challenges I faced as a mother. The more truth I poured out into my posts, the more #appreciation it found from women who related to every word I was putting down, for they were perhaps in a similar situation as me

This sparked something within, a dream where I felt like I wanted to write more, to inspire and motivate women and mothers, to share my thoughts on the internet and on social media

But,social media is like a double-edged sword. You will find lovers and you will find haters and while it feels wonderful reading all the positive feedback, it takes incredibly thick skin to ignore the mean things people say online (and offline) ,to have trolls rip apart your character and choices within the confines of a facebook or instagram post is hard.

But yet, you've got to find the courage to speak openly, share your talents and skills, for like any other living thing, talents and skills cannot grow in the dark.

So this is exactly what I did, I pushed forward, and have now shed inhibitions I previously had of being my true self here, on this platform and across social media

If you have found nuggets of wisdom in my videos, or if you just enjoy watching them, remember that ,had I paid heed to that little voice in my head, that voice of fear and self doubt, none of this would have happened.

You too, must fight the instinct to listen to that voice. It might be one of the hardest things you will have to do, but it's the only way to get started on the path towards achieving your dream, whatever that maybe.

And most importantly never second guess yourself. A seed of an idea is only sown when you have the means within yourself to see it grow into something big and wonderful.

This my way of watering my seed, and I am hopeful that with your support it will grow into the beautiful garden I have imagined


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