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Confidence - your best accessory

Why some women are more confident than others

1. They don’t apologise unless there’s a good reason

As women, we tend to apologise for a lot of things, even when it isn’t out fault. Maybe that stems from the fact that as women, we are naturally born to nurture and comfort. While these are incredible traits, there isn’t any reason to give ourselves up as door mats. We need to understand, that, while it is okay to want to try to make peace in an argument or whatever other scenario it might be, there isn’t any need to apologize unnecessarily.

2. They are their own cheerleaders

When the idea for this blog was slowly forming in my mind, I mentioned it to a few family members and close friends. I generally got a blank stare, like “what are you planning to do you said?”. Had I paid heed and got discouraged at that time, I would not be here, writing this post.

I decided to believe in myself and in my idea and I went ahead with it. Be confident in your abilities. You got to be your own cheerleader. You got to tell people about your achievements and your milestones, it isn’t called bragging, it’s called taking pride in your accomplishments.

3. They lift up other women

Confident women are not threatened by a woman friend or colleague who is doing well. Jealousy will get us nowhere. On the contrary, they go out of their way to congratulate her and tell her what a great job she is doing. Who knows, she might be able to offer some beneficial advice.

Confident women lift each other up.

4. They focus on solutions, never problems

Oh, now this is easier said than done for me! I have those days when nothing seems to go right and it’s so easy to list out all the problems I have in my life! They could be small trivial things like being unable to find one of the kid’s school books or bigger stuff like, damn, the washing machine has konked again.

We need to be able to take a minute and focus on the solution. In this case, write a note to the teacher explaining the missing book, and place a call to customer care and schedule a technician visit asap.

There we go, all done (for now) Phew!

5. They are always prepared

You must always be prepared to place a bet on yourself. It is better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one, rather than to have an opportunity and not be prepared.

Be confident in the fact that you got this! Whatever is thrown at you, you know you will survive it.

6. They are comfortable in their own skin

This is a sure shot sign of a woman with confidence. Being comfortable in your own skin. Doesn’t matter that your wearing your oldest jeans, or your t-shirt isn’t really clean, or your having a bad hair day. No one knows or realises those things except you! If you feel beautiful, you look beautiful. The idea is for you to radiate positivity; however you look, and sunbeams will then radiate from within you. Confidence is the best outfit, it will always look great on you.

7. They are never afraid of being wrong

Confident women know when to admit when they are wrong. We would love to be right all the time. God knows there are enough jokes about women always being right! But the reality is that, we can be wrong too, and when we realise that we are, and admit it, we learn a valuable lesson.

But bear in mind that we should always speak up, don’t let the fear of being wrong stop you from expressing your thoughts and opinions. You never know what ideas may come from you expressing yourself! You might even end up helping someone by sharing your thoughts and ideas.

There’s a quote I read somewhere, ‘There is nothing more attractive than a woman who carries herself like a queen, and wears her confidence like a crown’. All I will say to that is, “Your Majesty” *bows head in respect*


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