• Carolyn

Are you a people pleaser?

I’ve spent a good majority of my life trying to please everyone. If I believed someone might be upset with me, for any reason, it would make me uneasy. Is anyone else a people pleaser?

I spent so many years trying to be who ‘they’ wanted me to be and in the process, I lost a little bit of myself. So, I chose to start living my life for who I am meant to be, to be fully myself for the first time ever.

This decision to live my life as myself, unapologetically, is the greatest one I have ever made. It has come with its share of misunderstandings, when I have not been present for family or friends, when I chose my own needs vs the needs of others.

Someone asked me recently how I learned to ignore the opinions of people I care about when they didn’t like my choices. Well, I suppose it is because we don’t strive to please others because it gains us IMPORTANCE, we do it because we feel like it will gain us ACCEPTANCE.

I stopped chasing unhealthy approval. Because I approve of myself. I know I am doing the best I can do for everyone dear to me. Yes, it will never be enough, for there is so much more to give, but you give what you can and are able to freely. So, when I do show up, for my kids, my family or even you, my friends, you can bet it will be with a heart overflowing with love and joy and gratitude.


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