• Carolyn

Are we good enough?

For most of us, the list of “I am not good enough” comes in various shapes and sizes. We battle with feelings of not being enough in almost all areas of our life. I’m not pretty enough, I am not smart enough, I am too old to do this particular thing, I am too unfit and fat to start exercising now. The list goes on.

When we fell down while trying to walk as a toddler, did we stay down? Nope, we got right back up and tried again. We failed and fell many times in our youth, and yet we kept on going. Why then, as a 30 something woman, we think of all the reasons we will fail at a particular thing and talk ourselves out of trying every single time?

I think this is because when we were young, more failure was expected, we were still learning and still getting to know the world. We also didn’t give a damn about what people thought about us back then. But, the things we might be attempting to do now, whether it is starting a business from home, whether it is wanting to exercise and get fit, it may be starting a home baking business or a blog or wanting to be a content writer. Whatever it is, it should get toddler status because we have never attempted this particular thing before! It’s okay if you fail and fall, pick yourself up and start again.

Personal growth is supposed to be personal. One size does not fit all. It has to be customized to you and the way you see is best for yourself and your family. Be flexible in how you get to your goal, there is no need to copy anyone else or measure how well you are doing or not, on the basis of someone else’s progress.

Take me for example, as a voice over artist, I was constantly comparing myself to others in my field, wondering how they were getting these amazing jobs and gigs and why I was unable to land anything like it. Was I not smart enough? Was I not talented enough? It upset me, because I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t know who to speak to and who to audition for in order to do this great work. But consistent jobs and doing well at those jobs is what helped me to climb up, slowly but steadily. I kept at it, at my own pace and in my own time. The only way to prove that you are enough, is to get yourself on the other side of self-doubt and to follow your own path, not someone else’s.

Similarly, with speaking in public, starting my blog and now this you tube channel, I was under confident on how I would look like facing an audience, how would I project myself in front of the camera? After years of being in a tiny booth hidden away from it all, just my voice and never my face in focus. Was I good enough to do this? Part of the reason this channel was so delayed in going live was because of these self-doubts. What would people think? What would people say? My hair is not shiny enough, my nose looks weird, etc etc etc. Excuse after excuse because I was afraid and didn’t think I was good enough.

Living in this space of not being good enough made me feel like crap. But perception is a wonderful thing, it is all about what you believe to be true. And you get to decide what to believe. I decided to believe in myself and give my dreams a chance. And voila, here I am.

I want you too, to look past your self-limiting beliefs and build on your goal, whatever it maybe, by looking at what is true, not what is opinion.


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