Wow! A whole page just about me!


There isn’t very much to say honestly, my life isn’t all that interesting, sometimes even bordering on being boring..zzzzzzz…But nevertheless, I am here with a blog that will give you some insights into my life as a mum to 2 beautiful kids, Nathan and Katie , my husband Mel, who is a Sailor and is away a lot, so as you can imagine things can get pretty crazy around here.


Managing work as a freelance voice over artist and managing the kids who on most days are as far away from being well behaved as possible!

But, I have chosen to embrace my chaos and count all those moments of frustration and flurry as blessings. So, here I am, with this blog about my life, my chaos, my joy. I hope you will be my audience, and share my journey with me. Wish me luck!!